Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lu Yu And The Classic Of Tea

During the mid-Tang Dynasty, there were numerous tea poems, tea paintings and tea books, the most famous of which was Lu Yu's Classic of Tea. The Classic of Tea consists of three volumes and ten chapters with approximately seven thousand words. The first chapter is dedicated to the origins of tea-the names of tea and its effects. The second records the equipments used n tea production. The third chapter is on tea production-the suitable time for harvesting tea, ways of harvesting and producing tea. as well as the different varieties and qualities of tea. The fourth chapter is on tea sets in detail. The fifth chapter is on brewing tea. It records methods of baking and roasting tea as well as choosing the most suitable water to brew tea. The sixth chapter is about drinking tea-the history and customs of tea drinking. The seventh chapter talks about the stories of tea and its medicinal virtues. The eighth chapter talks about the famous production areas of tea in the Tang Dynasty The ninth chapter describes the equipments used in picking, making and drinking tea. It discusses which equipments are necessary and which are unnecessary. The tenth chapter is a painting of the content of the Classic of Tea on a silk cloth that can be hung in the living room for easy reference. The Classic of Tea is the first book on tea in the world and has a deep influence on the future tea culture.

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